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Q: I’ve heard that exercise can help reduce bladder leakage but I just can’t bring myself to go to the gym. Any tips for getting motivated?

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Q: Before Poise® Impressa® I used to hold back from a lot of activities but I never told my husband why. Now I feel confident to go out more and he’s wondering why the sudden change. Should I tell him what was going on before? How do I bring it up?

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Q: I feel like even though Impressa helps stop leaks, I’ll always be someone who has bladder leaks. Do they really expect me to believe that it’ll give me my confidence back?

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Managing the Emotions of Bladder Leaks

Dr Vivian Diller

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Q: Can I get a urinary tract infection from using Impressa®?

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Q: How will I know if I am wearing the right size?

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SEE WHY 9 of 10 women would recommend Poise® Impressa® to friends and family.

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From causes of light bladder leakage (LBL) to tips and products to help manage leaks, our LBL Starter Guide is here to help.