Worry-free protection in ABSORBENCIES

Not sure which Poise® product is right for you? Use the absorbency guide below to find your perfect match, and remember the color on the package so it's easier to find on shelves.


Lightest Absorbency – Drips


Very Light Absorbency – Spurts

Light Pads

Light Absorbency – Bursts

Ultra Thin® & Original Pads

Moderate Absorbency – Surges

Ultra Thin® & Original Pads

Maximum Absorbency – Streams

Ultra Thin®, Original
& Overnight Pads

Ultimate Absorbency – Gushes

The Right Absorbency is Easy to Find


Ultra Thin® Pads

Original Pads


Poise® Overnight Pads have a 75% wider back than Poise® Ultimate pads. The SleepSecure* shape is designed with extra coverage to help protect against leaks while lying down, so you can turn overnight worry into a good night’s sleep.

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