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Before Poise® Impressa® I used to hold back from a lot of activities but I never told my husband why. Now I feel confident to go out more and he’s wondering why the sudden change. Should I tell him what was going on before? How do I bring it up?

Personal care is just what it sounds like – personal – and it's up to you to share as much (or as little) as you choose about bladder leaks. The most important thing is recognizing that you have a choice. But, now that you feel more self-confident, you might find it easier to have a frank conversation with your mate. Keep in mind that we all have vulnerabilities and sharing them often brings couples closer. Try talking about this issue in a positive, optimistic way. Share how relieved you are to have found a solution to an annoying problem you've struggled with for years. Who knows? Talking about your personal issues may even encourage your husband to open up about his and that's a good thing!


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