Managing the Emotions of Bladder Leaks

If you're worried about bladder leaks and find yourself skipping that movie, or party, or an outing that may require a long drive, this article will help you understand the psychology behind your struggle and how to navigate your way out of it.

Most of us know what is meant by the fight-or-flight reaction. It's the body's natural response to a perceived threat. More specifically, it's when the brain sends a signal (often experienced as anxiety) that says we need to protect ourselves in case of physical or emotional danger. What some people don't know is that when this signal is ongoing, due to repeated stress, our bodies remain on alert even when there may be no imminent danger. Psychologists call this chronic anxiety, and in order to avoid it, a person's life can become restricted, guarded and solitary.

So, what does this have to do with bladder leakage? Unfortunately, up until now there had been few options available to protect us from leaks and consequently, many women chronically worry in anticipation. The mess, odor and discomfort are accompanied by the fear of losing control, shame, and embarrassment. Our bodies go on alert, especially when out and about, and a persistent sense of anxiety can develop. Moreover, because we keep these concerns from others – like a personal 'dirty' secret – we tend to keep that anxiety hidden. Many women never talk openly about our struggles, not even to our doctors, closest friends or family. As a result, some begin to emotionally shut down, withdraw and become isolated.

Today we have tools designed just for this purpose. For example, Poise® Impressa® Bladder Supports actually help stop leaks BEFORE they start. They not only provide a reliable way to relieve the physical discomfort of leakage, they also help increase self-esteem. By replacing helplessness with mastery and empowerment, women can gain confidence in their bodies again. The alert signal will turn off – and stay off – and that goes a long way toward improving women's attitudes about the whole issue. Using Impressa® daily can help women feel more relaxed and in control, two qualities that have a lot to do with overall positive well-being.

As with most chronic fears, it takes time and practice for this self-assurance to take hold. Remember, the brain sets down pathways based on repeated experiences. It's why old habits are hard to break. Changing our attitude toward them requires that new pathways be created, ones that positively reinforce our sense of confidence. As a proven solution, Impressa® can do that over time.

So, there's no better time to start than now. Pick up an Impressa® Sizing Kit to see if you can begin to create new cognitive-behavioral pathways that lead to self-confidence about bladder leakage. If you can stop leaks before they happen and accumulate repeated experiences that reinforce this positive new experience, you're on your way to enjoying an active life without worry.


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