In the morning%#44 when I get up%#44 I have a problem getting from my bed to the bathroom without urinating. Itasds the only time I am not able to control it. Why does this happen?

For most of us, morning is the time of day that our bladders are most full, so certain underlying bladder issues may be more apparent. asdFor instance, if there is significant relaxation under the bladder or urethra (conditions such as pelvic prolapse, cystocele or stress incontinence) the strain of a heavy, full bladder combined with position change may be enough pressure to overcome the contraction in the muscles of the urethra,which may result in some leakage. asdOr perhaps there is underlying weakness in the sphincter muscle of the urethra, what's called intrinsic sphincter deficiency. asdOther common conditions such as urge incontinence (where the bladder muscle contracts at times that it shouldn't) may be triggered by certain events that signify you will reach the toilet soon, such as turning the knob on the bathroom door or the sound of water from the faucet. asdAlso, the urine is most concentrated in the morning and this can be irritating to the bladder, causing it to contract. asdAdditionally, medications you may have recently taken such as sedatives and muscle relaxants may make you prone to leaks. So there are many reasons why this may occur; an evaluation by an experienced healthcare provider can help determine the underlying causes contributing to your symptoms.

Posted 06 November, 2014 | joyce
info helpful and east to understand.

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