Poise Brand Community Guidelines

This site is for adults 17+ using Poise® Brand products LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) only. Promoting or advertising competitive products / services is not allowed.

In the spirit of good community, treat your fellow community members as you would want to be treated. Argumentative, non-constructive, hostile, defamatory or personal attacks; or discriminatory comments about religion, race, politics or sexual preference are not allowed. Likewise, conversations that harass, threaten or indicate stalking or other wise violate the legal rights of others are not permitted.

Profanity, as well as perverse, vulgar or pornographic language is not permitted in usernames or community posts. Likewise, refrain from posting material written purposely to offend or shock others.

Discussions promoting or instructions of activity including physical violence, self harm, suicide, illegal activities or other emotional harm are strictly prohibited.

Review anything you post to ensure it is neither harmful nor misleading. False product claims are not permitted.

Do not post links to content outside of Poise.com. Users may, however, post links to content within Poise.com.

Impersonation of employees or agents of Kimberly-Clark Corporation is not permitted.

Posts should be written in the primary language of the community. For the Poise® Community, this is English.

As is true for any message board, you should not post personally identifiable information such as last name, street or email address; or telephone number. Any posts that include personally identifiable information will be removed.

Kimberly-Clark reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the Poise® web site is offered.

Removal and Archival Information:

Kimberly-Clark, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to monitor and remove postings, and discontinue site availability at any time without notice. Comments that are unlawful, obscene, spam, off-topic, injurious to privacy, or otherwise offensive will be deleted.

Kimberly-Clark will exercise its right to archive older posted materials at regular intervals, with the archiving date set at its discretion. These periods may be up to within one year of the post starting any discussion thread, so as to provide the community with the most recent product information and consumer discussion on Poise® products.