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Myths and misconceptions about bladder health abound, especially those surrounding leakage after sneezing, surgery, and Kegels, the exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles.

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Can exercise slow down the aging process?

Exercise is the most powerful supplement to slow down the aging process from the inside out. Exercise can slow, and even reverse, the most common signs of aging, such as muscle and bone loss, increased body fat, memory and cognitive decline, sluggish metabolism, heart and endocrine health issues, decreased libido, impaired immune system, and even depression.

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No matter what I do, I can't get rid of this belly fat. What can I do?

If you keep a clean diet, exercise regularly, sleep well and manage stress, then congratulations! You are doing a great job. Unfortunately, it may be tough to accept that once you reach menopause, even if you are not overweight, the fat tends to deposit around the waist and it's harder to melt away. Why is Mother Nature so unfair? We used to think that this was a process of aging and its consequences - lost body mass, slower hormones responses, etc. - but a new study says that estrogen decline reduces some proteins linked to helping the fat metabolism work at its best. This may give you some sense of peace by understanding how much your body changes during this stage. However, although the study doesn't show how to rev up these proteins again, it does state this is not an excuse to abandon a clean diet and exercise. In the end, this combo is the best guarantee to keep you at least a size or two below of what you'd be if you didn't follow a healthy diet and enjoy a regular good sweat.

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The Importance of Seeking Support during the Menopause Transition

Living in isolation, particularly during stressful life experiences, has never been recommended for our health and happiness. Going through menopause in isolation is no exception. We know it's important to talk to our doctor when unusual changes occur with our body, but no one talks about or encourages us to talk to our friends or family when the physical changes are deeply personal, or could be perceived as embarrassing.

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