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Myths and misconceptions about bladder health abound, especially those surrounding leakage after sneezing, surgery, and Kegels, the exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles.

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Not Your Mother's Menopause

When women today ask their moms what menopause was like for them, most often they hear, I barely remember it or I just got through it. Some respond with a blank stare, as if trying to summon up a long-forgotten memory. Is it because their menopause experience was such a non-event that they have nothing to say about it? Or, in fact, was it so uncomfortable that they'd rather not recall it even with those closest to them?

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Updates In Breast Health Monitoring & Mammograms

Aside from menopause, another important rite of passage that women in their 40s and 50s must address is the prevention of and monitoring for breast cancer. Recent changes in breast cancer screening recommendations have caused much confusion, alarm and frustration for both women and their health care providers.

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