To gray or not to gray? If I go gray%#44 will it be easier to accept my age?

Letting your hair go gray is a very personal decision. It has a variety of psychological meanings for different women. Some women find going gray to be liberating. They want nothing to do with the time and expense of highlighting or coloring. Their natural gray hair is worn as a badge of honor ? expressive of truth and self-confidence. Other women see gray and it immediately makes them feel years older. It's important to follow your own instincts, rather than what others tell you is right or wrong. Women today have choices and we can make them according to our own life styles. If you decide to go gray, you might consider getting suggestions from others with silver locks. There are ways to style your gray hair so that it looks like you made the choice, rather than it was made for you. I suspect with millions of women currently hitting midlife, white hair may soon become a new fad. Anyone notice Nicole Richie's new hairstyle? She's making a statement, at age 31, that white hair is the way to go. Wouldn't that be fun for all of us?!


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