My skin's getting dry%#44 my hair is thinning%#44 and I have a potbelly. There are days I don't even want to leave the house because I think I look so bad. How do I get over this so I can keep living my life?

Everyoneasds body and face changes with age. Yes, even those models and actors who seem to magically defy the aging process. The truth is, there is no magic to looking and feeling good as we age. Celebrities either rely on photo retouching to look asdforever youngasd or they put enormous effort toward maintaining a youthful appearance. If your skin feels dry, daily moisturizing helps. Thinning hair? Try talking to your stylist to see if a new haircut is in order. If you struggle with weight around your waist, it may be shifting body fat distribution, but it may also reflect poor eating habits. Regular exercise and healthy eating not only helps us keep our weight down, but makes us feel better, too. Remember, our mirrors donasdt airbrush away signs of aging, so itasds important to be realistic and accept that looks change. Itasds key to enjoying our appearance as we age.


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