I seem to cry at everything these days - good and bad. Is it menopause or some psychological issue?

Probably the most important thing is not to judge your reactions as "good" or "bad." Outbursts of tears, like other strong emotional reactions during menopause, are most often caused by hormonal changes. And while researchers are not exactly sure why some women suffer more than others, we knowasdall women experience a certain amount of emotional vulnerability during this time.

Some scientists believe that the expression of tears may be biologically helpful. They may serve as a source of relief, so forcing yourself to stop may not be in your best interest. If you can't control your crying at all - at work, for example - you may want to seek professional help. There may be some underlying depression that is emerging.

For most women, unpredictable tearfulness is part of the process of hormonal change at menopause. For many women, crying is their natural reaction when they feel overwhelmed. Women cry. It's okay. It's especially okay during this challenging time. Share your experiences with others. Let the tears flow in the company of those who understand you -and maybe you'll find you're even able to laugh about it all once in a while.


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