How can I change my diet to account for my decreased calorie burn?

So here I share my three best secrets for embracing life-changing habits for good:

The no-gym moves ? This means exercising without even wearing gym clothes!

Here it goes: Place your phone really far so you have to run to answer it, get off the train or bus a few stops earlier so you can walk a few blocks to work, walk around your building a few times during lunch, while watching soap operas do squats, sit ups or if you just want to stay in the couch grab a couple soup cans and lift them up and down. My favorite: dance with the broom. This is when I let all my anxieties run away while singing my favorite songs from the top of my lungs while sweeping the house.

Choose foods with colors ? I am talking about making sure you have a plate with a variety of colors. This will assure you have a well balanced diet without counting calories, fat, vitamins, minerals, etc.

Never, never, never skip a meal ? This is the number one mistake dieters make ? they starve themselves during the day and eat the house and more at night! If you are in a rush grab a glass of low fat milk with a fruit, or a low fat yogurt, dried cereal, leftovers from the night before ? anything! Just don't leave the house with an empty stomach. Skipping meals will lead to overeating later in the day. Try to spread your calories during the day instead of eating all your calories at night ? it will make a huge difference!


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