Natural Treatments for Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy

Vaginal dryness is a problem that can affect women of all ages. Thinning of the lining of the vagina resulting in symptoms of dryness is very common as women age and can occur before, during and after menopause. There are several medical prescription treatments to alleviate vaginal dryness that involve topical and oral estrogens. There are also natural home remedies, dietary supplements and lifestyle changes that can help, as well as over-the-counter lubricants that are natural and help to alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness.

These are things that you can try on your own, and experiment with, that do not require a prescription or doctor's office visit. That said, it is important for you to discuss your symptoms with your doctor to be sure that there aren't other factors causing dryness or pain with intercourse such as infection; tears; allergic reaction to a soap, lubricant or condom; or other medical issue

Your diet is probably the first place to start in terms of managing symptoms of vaginal dryness. Vaginal lubrication comes from glands in the cervix, as well as vagina, but a majority of the vaginal fluid is actually from the blood stream and forms droplets of fluid rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and other electrolytes and proteins that seep through the vaginal cells into the vaginal lumen or canal. Staying well hydrated is critical, as well as eating a healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins.

A diet high in fatty acids may aid in producing additional vaginal lubrication. Raw pumpkin, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and fish (especially salmon, mackerel and tuna) are great choices that are high in fatty acids. Vitamin A and B supplements and beta-carotene also have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. You should also eat foods that contain isoflavones, which can help regulate declining estrogen levels. Foods high in isoflavones include flaxseed, soy, legumes, cherries, nuts, apples and celery. I also recommend that women supplement with a multivitamin/multimineral with additional B complex vitamins. Poor diet and hydration definitely effect vaginal secretions, blood flow and lubricity. We know that drinking plenty of fluid is good for our skin. Well, the lining of the vagina is basically skin. So think whatasds good for your face is also good for your vagina!

Regular exercise is also important. Twenty minutes of cardiovascular activity, at least three times per week, helps to maintain not only cardiac health and blood flow (to the vagina, as well) but also hormone balance. Estrogen and testosterone - two hormones that decline with age and menopause - have a direct effect on vaginal atrophy and dryness. Regular exercise helps to maintain hormone balance by stimulating the adrenal glands and ovaries.

Vaginal lubrication occurs naturally and also increases with sexual stimulation and arousal, due to the increased blood flow to the genital area. It is important to always make sure you are adequately lubricated during sexual intercourse, to prevent trauma to the lining of the vagina or urethra and also prevent infection. There are certain products that are natural that are great lubricants including jojoba, coconut oil, and aloe. A vitamin E suppository may be an additional option.

The good news is, ladies, you are not alone out there. This is an extremely common problem that all women face as they get older. There are medical options that you should discuss with your doctor and there are also things that you can do on your own at home that are easy, healthy and safe to optimize vaginal health and lubrication.

Posted 09 June, 2017 | Tara L
VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilators help with vaginal atrophy as well.
Posted 01 June, 2017 | Cindy
First time having sex in 3 years yes was painful but the following days I had a vaginal discharge up to 2 weeks later not painful no smell and no clumping just a light discharge what could this possibly be
Posted 15 May, 2017 | Sherry
would use of coconut oil cause UTI or other infection?
Posted 08 May, 2017 | Toyin
How can I get a cure to virginal dryness
Posted 03 May, 2017 | Aditi
The skin around my vigina is very dry wot should I apply to remove dryness
Posted 13 April, 2017 | Detrix
Well, I am 35 years old and I think that I am perimenopausal. I have been experiencing hot flashes and now my vagina just went dry a few days ago. In addition, previously two months ago my menstruation just stopped. Therefore, I am starting to have a little anxiety.
Posted 09 April, 2017 | Yinka
I'm very grateful for this info. I use to have sticky discharge. I will try the natural treatment.
Posted 09 April, 2017 | Yinka
I'm very grateful for this info. I use to have sticky discharge. I will try the natural treatment.
Posted 09 April, 2017 | roshni
Thanks so much!!I had very bad itching for two days my hubby was about to take me to the hospital. I found this web page and did the vinegar cider with warm water, and I also used a douche and put in vinegar cider with warm water. Half hour later no itching it really worked ! Thanks again. Roshni
Posted 30 March, 2017 | emelda
hi l have vaginal dryness wat meditional can l take
Posted 25 March, 2017 | Adriel
I have always experience dryness, no matter what my husband does, its annoying. I hope this new information will help solve that. Thanks
Posted 20 March, 2017 | Irene
I'm 71 yrs. I've had a complete hysterectomy. I tried the Poise impress bladder support. I only tried it 1 time, the size 1. I used a lubricant. When I removed it I had some bleeding. I've never had any sort of bleeding since my hysterectomy. So now I'm wondering why and I'm afraid to try again.
Posted 16 March, 2017 | Denise
They r good poise
Posted 06 March, 2017 | Bell
I get it too but I'm only 17. Why is it happening this early and should I be at all concerned?
Posted 03 March, 2017 | Bette
My vagina is like the Mohave desert! Between menopause and anxiety mess I'm very upset! I've never been on this road. And no libido! I'm trying Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil in there. Hope that's ok Do you know?
Posted 17 February, 2017 | Tanu
Posted 17 February, 2017 | Hope
Very Good information .... It all makes SENSE ! Thank you.
Posted 12 February, 2017 | Bernadette
I don't drink slot of water it seem to make me feel sick to the stomach sometimes, is there something else I can take in place of water.... I'm going through the dryness and thinning of the vaginal area.... Some good type of vitamin
Posted 30 January, 2017 | Beck
I have very little problem with dryness, but sex leaves me very sore for days without there being rough sex, and plenty of stimulation prior to penetration. I have been menopausal for 8 years but this has only been occuring for the last year.Any suggestions that will stop these symptoms?
Posted 26 January, 2017 | Danna D. Lewis
Posted 20 January, 2017 | Debbie
This article is so informative and helpful. Thank you so much for posting this. I do sometimes feel like I am the only one.
Posted 03 January, 2017 | Karen
Is it safe to apply jojoba,aloe n coconut oil.where can I purchase them
Posted 08 December, 2016 | Maria
What about rice oil.
Posted 08 December, 2016 | Maria
What about rice oil?
Posted 03 December, 2016 | gido
does the natural oil have side effects?
Posted 24 November, 2016 | Zoah
If I choose coconut oil is there any brand that is better than other for vaginal dryness?
Posted 20 November, 2016 | Deborah Black
My virgina is dry when am having intercouse I Wat to know what causing this
Posted 16 November, 2016 | kenyanna
Im only 24 and have been having vaginal dryness on and off. Idk what cream to use to stop the stinging soreness when i urinate or wipe.
Posted 04 November, 2016 | Diane
I lost my collagen & elasticity it burns & is so annoying my dr gave me a cream but doesn't work, it's so annoying I can't sit in a car for long periods of time please help
Posted 03 November, 2016 | Amilia
I'm 16 and I'm expiring uncomfortableness and inching and pain urinating and it's embarrassing. Is there any remedies to do with household products ??
Posted 02 November, 2016 | Kathy Ketchman
I need help for my severely dry vagina during sex with all of my partners. I'm looking for lube that can be carried discretely in my purse or suitcase since I travel for my work.
Posted 02 October, 2016 | Carolyn
I'm experiencing the same problem I haven't tried anything yet can u please help me im 50 and experiencing dryness pain itchiness to my husband likes to have sex up to 3 times a day every day
Posted 25 September, 2016 | Lhyne
Hi...can I ask somthing!!! I have experienced dryness my vigina..when we making love with my hubby super lubricants...what can I do..I'm 30 yrs of age... I need some advise...thanks and God bless!!
Posted 21 September, 2016 | Carly
My doctor prescribed Vagifem vaginal suppositories. Taken twice a week has stopped dryness, burning.
Posted 06 September, 2016 | Anna
Is your product still available
Posted 03 September, 2016 | lisa
my problem is dryness when we have intercourse can you ive me advice
Posted 15 August, 2016 | Lisa
I'm only 23 and have been having vaginal dryness for the past 5 months, I'm so happy I found this as the doctors have been useless and just keep prescribing antibiotics/etc which haven't helped!
Posted 04 August, 2016 | Geri Larson
Why is the Poise personal lubricant no longer available - it was THE BEST PRODUCT on the market!
Posted 01 August, 2016 | Joanna
When I first experienced vaginal dryness (I'm 59)my husband was offended. I use coconut oil, now, and I think it is bothering me more than him, now.
Posted 27 July, 2016 | chloe
im only 15 and my vagina is very itchy and dry. What do i do ?? do i go doctors or ... ?
Posted 04 January, 2015 | lady luxe
I am only 25 years old but I experience vaginal dryness. Have been for the last year its uncomfortable &embarrassing. I wanted to know does this affect me not being able to get pregnant as well.

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