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Whether it’s getting advice from experts, or hearing a story about the first time someone experienced Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), or helpful tips on how to manage LBL, these blogs and podcasts are here to help empower women through open discussion.

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Lets Talk About Sex! (And LBL)

BY Marilyn Suttle

A couple months ago, a lady on a message board asked, “Why isn’t anyone talking about sex?” Her post was visited by over 2,600 curious women, but only one joined the conversation! Even though it’s not always easy to talk

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What is Stress (over LBL) Doing to You?

BY Marilyn Suttle

I just got back from 10 days in beautiful Alberta, Canada. I spent time with some pretty amazing people while I was there. One was my dear friend Jennifer Hough. She's a nutritionist, author, and creator of "Get Out of Your Own Way"

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Physical Therapy for LBL? Oh Yes There Is!

BY Marilyn Suttle

Did you know that a physical therapist can help some women improve or even eliminate LBL? I first heard about this from my girlfriend Nancy (she’s so smart!) Nancy went to a PT (physical therapist) to learn how to do pelvic floor exercises

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Fend off LBL When Youre Stuck in Traffic

BY Marilyn Suttle

Its that moment of dread. Youre on the road, with a full bladder. With each excruciating second of the drive, you pray you wont cough, sneeze or drive over a pot hole. What can you do to calm your nerves (and your bladder) so you reach

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