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Whether it’s getting advice from experts, or hearing a story about the first time someone experienced Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), or helpful tips on how to manage LBL, these blogs and podcasts are here to help empower women through open discussion.

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5 Holiday Party Tips for Managing LBL

BY Marilyn Suttle

Here they come those holiday party invitations! Do you jump at the chance of celebrating with family, friends, and coworkers? Or does worry over a party-crashing leak dampen your enthusiasm? If youre anxious about LBL, these tips will

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I Asked a Urologist about Weight and LBL

BY Marilyn Suttle

I received a recent blog comment from a woman who said that losing 10-15 pounds made a huge difference in her ability to control light bladder leakage. Have you noticed a link between weight and LBL? To get some facts, I asked Jason Gilleran, MD, a

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Spruce Up Your Springtime LBL Routine

BY Marilyn Suttle

When spring arrives, your routines change. Along with work and family responsibilities, you may be inexplicably driven to whisk away the dirt, dog hair, and dust bunnies accumulated over the long winter. There’s pressure to get your house

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