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Whether it’s getting advice from experts, or hearing a story about the first time someone experienced Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), or helpful tips on how to manage LBL, these blogs and podcasts are here to help empower women through open discussion.

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Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

BY Marilyn Suttle

Last night I was one of eight coaches who gathered to support a local community. We started our meeting with introductions. I shared my coaching experience, and my work as a professional speaker. "I'm also the Community Manager for

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3 Ways to Restore Calm After an Oops!

BY Marilyn Suttle

As women, we learn to be discrete. Whether it's managing a heavy period, coping with an LBL moment, or cooling down a hot flash, throughout our lives we have more going on inside than what appears on the surface. Others may see a slight eyebrow

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Are You Taking a Holistic Approach to LBL?

BY Marilyn Suttle

Therapists tell us that we are more than our physical bodies. We are emotional. We are physiological. And many agree that we are spiritual too. When something traumatic happens to us physically, (like leaking at the most unfortunate moment) it

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A New Year, a New LBL Checklist

BY Marilyn Suttle

We women are masters of the checklist. Having one makes it easier to get things done, whether it’s for grocery shopping or vacation planning. Have you ever made a list to succeed at managing light bladder leakage? If not, follow along with

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