Your LBL Year-End Review

We've come to the end of another year. It’s time to look back and reflect before moving forward into the New Year. That’s what I did with a group of women last weekend. Everyone committed to make a list of 50 successes – both big and small – and celebrate what went right this year. I invite you to make a list of 50 wins you experienced, too.

You might be thinking, “50! You've got to be kidding?” It’s a big number, and there’s a reason for it. We as women tend to downplay our successes. We don’t give ourselves credit for all the great things we do. As you flip through your calendar, you might spot some successes that you had forgotten about, or you may be tempted to overlook a few. Be careful not to discount your contributions. Taking a meal to a sick friend is something to add to your list of successes. Being consistently on time for meetings might seem like a trivial thing. It isn't. It shows commitment and discipline, so add it to your list.

Have you had any successes in managing light bladder leakage? Maybe one of these: - Did you do Kegels or other pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises? - Did you research LBL by reading articles, blog posts , or listening to podcasts? - Did you reach out to a medical professional for advice specific to your body? - Have you talked with your girlfriends for support or to compare notes? - Were there times you didn't let LBL stop you from getting up and out? Acknowledge yourself for every attempt you made to expand your comfort zone, and explore ways to manage those leaks. It feels good to notice what’s working in your life. Look for progress, not perfection.

As You Review The Year… With absolutely no self-criticism, notice what you’d like to do differently next year. What would you like to do less of? More of? Given your current life circumstances, what ways of thinking would you like to change so you’ll feel even better, and more empowered in the coming year? As you consider what you’d like to do differently, be kind to yourself when you notice a mistake you may have made. Mistakes are tuition toward your education in life. Consider each one a form of accelerated learning. What ever happened this past year that caused you pain, or embarrassment also leaves you with a pearl of wisdom that you can use to make you stronger, kinder, and more resilient in the coming year. Celebrate what you learned from that mistake, and write that down on your list of successes too!

What about you? After doing your LBL year-end review, what’s one success you’d like to share?

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