You Are a Difference Maker

Today a girlfriend of mine became a difference maker. She posted a photo of a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Facebook with this note: "I ordered myself some flowers yesterday – six white roses for my divine light, six red for loving myself, six light pink for my vulnerability and six hot pink for being sexy! I'm going to embrace all that I am!" "Wow, that's amazing," I thought. Her Facebook friends thought so too. They left comments sharing how touched, and inspired she made them feel. In making a difference for herself, she gave the rest of us a bit more permission to embrace all that we are too.

It's easy to celebrate the loving, and giving parts of yourself, but do you ever struggle to embrace your vulnerabilities? Ask a woman, what her weaknesses are, and she's likely to give you a laundry-list of self-criticisms: Personality? Too bossy, too quiet, too chatty, too sensitive … Hair? Too curly, too straight, too poofy, too thin … Nose? Too big, too small, too narrow, too wide … Figure? Too fat, too skinny, too flat, too curvy … Bladder? Too weak!!!

If your bladder is counted in among your vulnerabilities, you aren't alone. The good news is, more and more women are deciding to ditch the self-criticism and embrace all that they are. If you find yourself too embarrassed to talk with a medical professional about LBL, or too worried about what people might think if they find out what happens when you cough, sneeze, or can't quite get to the restroom on time - here's a quote worth hanging on your wall: "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." – Dr. Seuss

Embrace yourself, LBL and all. Chuck out your laundry-list of criticisms and replace it with empowering messages like these:

"I will exercise (even if I leak) because it strengthens my pelvic floor muscles and improves my health."

"I will talk with a medical professional about my LBL, and learn how to manage it."

"I will go shopping, take trips, dance, play, and laugh out loud."

"I will be a role-model for my daughters, sisters, and girlfriends so they won't let LBL stop them from enjoying their lives."

"I will see anyone who teases or makes fun of LBL as someone who simply doesn't understand."

"I love and accept myself, leaks and all."

When you are kind to yourself, it opens the door for a happier, more fulfilling life for you and the people you inspire. My friend celebrated her divine light, her self-love, her vulnerability and her sexiness with flowers.

How might you offer yourself some much deserved self-nurturing and embrace all that you are? 

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