Identifying Moments That Cause LBL Can Help In Managing Them

I'm writing this blog post from the aisle seat of my flight from San Diego to Detroit. Aisle seats rock! You may get your elbows bumped by the beverage cart, but it's worth it to have easy access to the bathrooms when the urge hits. I'm flying back from speaking at a 5-day event. During my time there, I witnessed women experiencing one LBL situation after another. The first LBL moment occurred for a whole group of women at once. I was sitting in the back of the room (my presentation was slated for 3:30 p.m.) About two hours after lunch the speaker before me realized it was time for an energizer to manage the afternoon slump that makes audiences a bit droopy. He asked everyone to stand and do something called the "Bounce and Shake." It's a Qigong practice, similar in some ways to yoga. While keeping your feet firmly on the floor, you bend your knees in a bouncing motion in time to the music, while shaking your hands. It looks a bit silly. Though, it's a fun and effective way to quickly energize your body.

Shortly after the bouncing started, I noticed one, two, three, four, five women get up and walk briskly out of the room. Then, several more women gathered the courage to get up and head out the doors. I knew what was going on. Luckily, the presenter noticed it too and gave everyone a quick bathroom break before we did any more bouncing. Imagine bouncing on a full bladder! Lesson learned – it's okay (and smart) to excuse yourself from activities to go to the bathroom when you need to go.

The next LBL moment occurred yesterday. It was the last day of the training. To celebrate and anchor the big breakthroughs that our participants had made over the last five days, we gave everyone an opportunity to break a wooden board with their bare hands. It was thrilling to watch people confront their disbelief, and discover what's possible. I watched as everyone succeeded at breaking their boards. As I observed them, a woman in her early-forties came running over to me. "You're the Poise lady. I need your help. I just wet myself when I broke through my board," she said, turning around so I could see her back-side, "Can you see any wet spots?" Luckily she was wearing dark pants, and it didn't show. She was so exhilarated by her accomplishment that it was virtually impossible to feel embarrassed in that moment. She breathed a big sigh of relief when I assured her that her little oops was not visible, and ran back to cheer on her friends as they broke through their boards. Imagine being so invigorated by your life that those small leaks are simply a slight inconvenience that needs to be managed. Lesson learned – you may experience leaks, but it doesn’t have to stop you from experiencing joy in your life.

How about you? What breakthroughs have you experienced that make it easier for you to manage LBL and get on with living? 



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