Spring Cleaning Your Attitude about LBL

Is your attitude about LBL in need of a good spring cleaning? Your home isn’t the only environment that can use a deep cleaning now and then. It’s helpful to refresh and renew your inner environment too by managing any thoughts that may be weighing you down. Here are some tips to help you freshen up your attitude about LBL:

Trust yourself. Has light bladder leakage changed the way you feel about yourself or limited what you do? If so, trust yourself to challenge your attitudes, even if it feels threatening. You might worry that if you change the way you think, you won’t be YOU anymore. It helps to remember that you have thoughts, but you’re not your thoughts. Look back at the attitudes you had at one time that have changed. It’s time to clean up any attitudes that no longer serve you. Here are some attitudes that you may wish to try out and adapt. “I love my femininity. LBL doesn’t change that about me.” “I take excellent care of my body and keep up-to-date on ways to manage LBL.” “I don’t let anything interfere with what I’m passionate about, not even LBL.” “LBL does not define me. I manage it and move on.”

Use the right tools for the job. Spring cleaning sometimes calls for adjustments and repairs. Notice the tools you’re using to manage LBL. Are you relying on wadded up toilet paper when a LBL specific pad would be more effective? What attitudes keep you from using more effective tools? I have a girlfriend who admitted to using wadded toilet paper at the gym, just in case. She said, “If I start buying pads it will mean that I really have LBL.” Ever so gently I asked, “Are you saying that as long as you don’t buy pads, you won’t have LBL?” She stood stunned for a moment. Then burst out laughing. “I’d like to think so,” she said. Consider updating and adjusting any attitudes you have about useful tools, such as seeking advice from a qualified medical professional, or learning how to strengthen the pelvic floor with proper exercise.

Reveal your sparkle and shine. Many years ago, my mom came over to help me with spring cleaning. She picked up a perfectly clean crystal vase and took it in the kitchen to wash it. “It isn’t dirty,” I said. She washed it anyway. I have to admit, the vase glistened in the sunlight. Until the nearly invisible dust was gone, I couldn’t see its full beauty. Every woman has a vibrancy all her own, but tiny shifts in attitude over time can dull a woman’s luster. Wash away any film of resignation or cynicism that may be dulling the sparkle in your eye, and let the light of your unique self shine through.

What attitudes do you currently have that support you around LBL? Do you have any thoughts in need of a good spring cleaning?



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