Recipe for a Happy Holiday Season (Even with LBL)

What do you want for the holidays? If you're like me, you want to have a good time with family and friends, with as little stress as possible. Sometimes what you want is different than what you get. Instead of an easy-going holiday season, you find yourself overwhelmed with shopping and travel (praying you'll find a bathroom when you need it.) You beat yourself up for having too many tasty bladder-aggravating cocktails and spicy treats. And the very idea of having an LBL moment at a party leaves you feeling like retreating completely. Follow this recipe to enjoy a happier, more stress-free holiday season this year.


• 1 package of patience with yourself

• 1/2 cup full of gratitude for what's going right.

• 1 level-headed choice to prepare an LBL emergency kit (extra LBL-specific pads, and panties tucked in your purse, and a just-in-case bag with a change of clothes.)

• A pinch more time taking care of yourself

• 2 times more positive self-talk than negative

• 1 juicy moment for reflecting on what's really important

• 1 large focus on making happiness more important than perfection

• A dash of humor to taste

1. Chop holiday preparation chores into bite-sized, easily digested pieces, and distribute to family members, being careful not to mash their enthusiasm or yours.

2. Sift out and discard comparing yourself to others.

3. Trim away worry about what others might think.

4. Generously sprinkle words of encouragement for yourself and others. Blend until hearts melt.

5. Gently whisk away the need for perfection.

6. Simmer your nerves. If your temperature runs hot, share your feelings in a way others can hear you. Take time out to cool down if needed.

7. Combine family and friends together. Mix in laugh-out-loud memories.

8. Skim off your need to control.

9. Top the evening off with awareness that one in three women experience LBL. You're not alone. Enjoying the holidays, even when you experience some LBL moments, will be liberating and inspire other women to live their lives to the fullest too. Wishing you a happy holiday season and a joyful New Year!

Got a tip for managing LBL? Leave a comment to help the ladies in our community be stress-free this holiday season. 

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