Most Embarrassing LBL Moment

"You're such a girl," my husband said. That's his usual reaction to my choice of TV shows. He grumbled at the idea of watching a network that caters to women, but I sat through an old rerun of Terminator the night before, so it was my turn to pick the show. The topic of the episode was "Embarrassing Moments" and it featured an all-star panel, including a prominent woman money expert. This woman carries herself well. She's attractive, successful, and quite confident. When she was asked to be the first on the panel to share her embarrassing moment, she said, "Oh my goodness, there are so many." Can you guess which embarrassing moment she chose to share? That's right! She shared an LBL moment. It happened while taping her first PBS special. When she coughed a bit to clear her throat, she leaked all the way down her leg. Click here to view the segment.

What's important to notice is how comfortable she was talking about it on national television. She shared a very human moment. That's really all there is to it. Though at the time it was happening to her, she was obviously mortified. The English language is filled with expressions that imply that we can actually lose our lives to the feeling of embarrassment: "I nearly died of embarrassment." "It would kill me if anyone finds out." "I don't know how I'd survive the embarrassment." Here's some good news. I discovered that after every embarrassing moment I've ever had – I lived!

Have you ever noticed that embarrassing moments, once shared, can turn into laugh-out-loud moments of camaraderie with your best girlfriends? It's time for women to stop holding themselves up to the standard of perfection. No one is perfect , not even famous money experts. Being real about your life experiences can even make you more likeable and relatable. After all, one in three women experiences light bladder leakage. You aren't alone. The phrase that helps me get over those momentary feelings of embarrassment best is, "So what? Now what?" It nips the self-judgment, and focuses me on what exciting thing is next for me to do.

What is your most embarrassing bladder story?




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