Missy Lavender, Wellness Expert, on Poise* Impressa*: It helps stop leaks so I can stay active.

I’m so excited about the release of Poise® Impressa® Bladder Supports – a new product designed to help stop bladder leaks before they happen. I could hardly wait to start talking to women who were using Poise* Impressa* to hear their thoughts. My first interview was with health and wellness expert Missy Lavender. Not only does Missy have first-hand experience dealing with stress urinary incontinence, she started the Women’s Health Foundation twelve years ago to support women in becoming knowledgeable, excited and empowered about their pelvic health.

“What did you think when you first heard about Impressa*?” I asked her.

“I was like a puppy with my tail wagging,” she said. “This is something completely new and interesting,” she said, “Impressa* is a brand new way for women to take control of their bodies.”

Like many women, Missy was stunned the first time she leaked. She stood up after giving birth to her son, and lost control of her bladder. “I didn’t know what was going on,” Missy said. And when she left the hospital her leaks continued.

“I was wearing very large pads and this is what propelled me to go through care,” she said. She visited a urogynecologist and learned that she was not alone. Many women experience what she was going through.

“I did a lot of very active things to get control of my stress incontinence, but to this day it continues to be an issue,” she said. “I have to take care of myself in a very mindful way and have good health care providers and good tools to help me do the things I like to do, like run.”

For women who leak when they laugh, cough, and sneeze, or do anything physical, Missy says, “This (Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports) is like your new best friend.”

When Missy saw Poise* Impressa* for the first time, she was intrigued by the applicator, “How smart to put it in something that looks like something we already know - a tampon applicator,” she said. “It’s very well designed.”

For women who haven’t tried it yet, Missy recommends getting the Poise* Impressa* Sizing Kit to start – a small package, with two bladder supports of each of the three different sizes. “Try the smallest size first to see how it feels, and do something that you would typically be worried about doing,” she said. If the first size is comfortable but doesn’t stop leaks, Missy suggests trying the next size to see how that feels. Since every woman’s body is different, finding the right size for you is an important first step.

When Missy got her Sizing Kit, she was curious about what the different sizes would feel like. “I tried the smallest one even though I instinctively thought that probably wasn’t the right size,” she said. “I use it when I run so I wanted it to be comfortable. They all were, but a particular size worked better and felt most comfortable.”

Missy was happy to discover how comfortable it is to use Poise* Impressa*. “One of the really powerful things about this product is its ability to come out easily. That non-absorbent material slides in really well, but it also comes out really well,” she said.

“Is it comfortable while you’re wearing it?” I asked.

“Yes! Sometimes I forget I have it in there,” she said. “The whole product is revolutionary, incredibly needed, and very well thought out.” Missy was particularly happy that women can get Poise* Impressa* over-the-counter, without having to go to the doctor.

What Missy most wants women to know about Poise* Impressa* is that it’s simple. “You put it in. It works. You take it out. You move on,” she said. “And something so simple can have a powerful effect on your body and on your psyche - your sense of who you are as a woman.”

Missy understands what it’s like to be a woman with bladder control issues - It’s always on your brain. You worry about, “Am I going to leak doing this?” You don’t feel sexy, or feminine, and you’re constantly on alert.

“To have the ability with Impressa* to just not worry about it is incredibly liberating,” Missy said, “It takes a whole chunk of emotional concern away, and that’s empowering.”

Missy expects Poise* Impressa* bladder supports to give women peace of mind so they’ll exercise and enjoy physical activities again.  Poise* Impressa* helped stop Missy’s leaks so she can do things she enjoys like run. “Life is about doing things you want to do, staying active, and having fun, and it allows me to do exactly that,” she said.

As the leader of the Women’s Health Foundation, Missy is passionate about helping women take control of their pelvic health. “There isn’t a price that you can put on the freedom to be able to do what you want to do; to be able to have control of your body and to stay active,” she said.


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