Maximize Your LBL Plan

If you want to minimize light bladder leakage, it helps to maximize the way you manage leaks. Some of us women tend to be strategic. We do our research, seek out medical advice, and talk with a trusted girlfriend or two for support. Others of us aren’t so direct. We tend to slip into a plan without realizing it; minimizing leaks by giving up exercise or turning down invitations to events we used to enjoy. Over time, inactivity can make a weak pelvic floor even weaker.

Your plan for managing LBL might be good. Though, consider the old adage – “Good is the enemy of great.” For greater results, it helps to get an outside perspective. Ask a trusted girlfriend or your pelvic floor specialist to review your progress. Start by saying, “To help me get the best possible results, I’d like to tell you exactly how I’ve been managing my bladder leakage. Then, I’d like to ask you some questions to get your perspective on how I’m doing.” Friends and family members aren’t qualified to give you medical advice, but they may have great insights on the way you cope and manage your activities.

Since every woman’s body is different, only a medical professional can give you advice specific to your body, like whether or not medication is helpful or a device like a pessary is right for you. After you explain your approach to dealing with LBL, ask the following questions:

• Does it seem like my plan to manage LBL is on track?

• What could I do to make my plan even better?

• If you were me, what would you do next to get better results?

You can get a helpful perspective from someone who doesn’t even experience LBL. Your friend might have suggestions like, “Come to my Pilates class with me. My instructor says it strengthens the pelvic floor and it would be fun to do it together.” These simple questions can uncover new possibilities for managing LBL that leave you feeling more confident and less stressed, while getting great results.

What about you? Who will you ask to help you take your LBL plan from good to great? 

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