LBL Seasonal Triggers

Spring will soon be in the air… along with pollen, molds, and other sneeze-inducing allergens that lead to sudden moments of LBL. Wouldn't you love to arrest the fashion police for choosing this time of year for women to wear white pants? As we spring forward to blooming flowers and outdoor activities, prepare now so you’re ready to recover quickly from seasonal LBL triggers.

Treat Seasonal Allergies Chronic coughs and sneezing puts pressure on your bladder. Over time it weakens your pelvic floor muscles making leakage worse. To minimize leaks treat the symptoms of your springtime colds and allergies early. Now is the time to ask your friends to recommend a good doctor or natural remedy so when your asthma, bronchitis, or allergies flare up you'll be ready.

Eat Sensibly at Springtime Socials Is it just me, or is everyone trying to replicate those irresistible party-food photos on Pinterest? When I see good food, it's hard not to taste every delectable treat. Eating and networking go hand-in-hand. You go out for brunch, have a cup of coffee or two, and someone orders mimosas for everyone. While it feels elegant to indulge, caffeine, citrus and alcohol are known LBL triggers. Fresh fruit cocktails and spicy appetizers can agitate your bladder too. Weight gain and trigger foods often make LBL worse, so plan now to make wise food choices.

Get Smart about Spring Cleaning When spring sunshine is streaming through the windows, you see the dust that’s been hiding on your precious possessions. Spring cleaning may start out light, but before you know it you’re lifting heavy boxes filled with winter-wear, and moving bulky furniture out of the way for deep cleaning. Stop the heavy lifting! Plan now to lessen your loads and take the pressure off your bladder. My mom is 91 years-old and still drives to the grocery store each week. Instead of straining herself, she uses a wagon to transport heavy bags from the car to the house on wheels. Every spring when I bring over bags of dirt and flats of flowers, she insists that I use the wagon rather than lugging heavy soil across the yard. Consider how you can make spring tasks less taxing on your bladder.

Share the Rules with Those Closest to You Sometimes, especially in the spring it’s well-intentioned friends and family that make it a challenge to manage LBL. Imagine how much easier life would be if everyone followed a set of rules like this:

Rule 1: When a woman says, “No,” do not pressure her to jump on your new trampoline.

Rule 2: On a spring-break road-trip never tell a woman, “Go to the bathroom now. I don't make restroom stops.”

Rule 3: When a woman confides that she just had an LBL moment, always be supportive. One in three women experience leaks. The more comfortable we can make each other the more empowered women will be all year round.

What about you? How do you manage LBL in the springtime? Do you have any rules to add to my list? 



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