Training For LBL Like A Boot Camp

Boot camps aren’t just for the military, wayward teens, or body builders. Today you can find one for just about anything. I attended a media mastery boot camp, a humor boot camp and a two-day intensive boot camp on money management. I learned that breakthroughs happen when you spend concentrated time immersed in basic training.

That got me thinking. What if we women got together and started our very own LBL boot camp? No one would be forced to get up at the crack of dawn, because our bladders make us do that anyway. No yelling at our boot camp, other than the occasional, “Drop and give me 10… Kegels,” asked in an encouraging tone with please and thank you included. We wouldn’t be put under extreme stress, as that makes LBL worse. Rather, we’d follow a disciplined regiment of serious self-care.

Sound easy? It’s not. Even though women are known for being outstanding care givers, receiving can be a challenge. As I put together a mental agenda for the ideal LBL boot camp, here are the types of benefits I’d want women to receive:

• The courage to take charge of managing bladder leakage by asking questions and talking openly with doctors, partners, family, and friends.

• The knowledge to understand how the bladder works, what causes leakage, and ways to reduce and possibly eliminate leaks.

• The discipline to exercise pelvic floor muscles accurately and regularly by using techniques like Mula Bandha, Kegel exercise, and yoga to name a few.

• The resiliency to overcome embarrassing moments and stay active and involved in life.

• The peace-of-mind that comes from self-acceptance.

• The determination to reduce or eliminate factors that contribute to LBL like smoking, high body mass index, chronic coughs, and certain bladder aggravating food and drinks.

• The ability to relax, rest, and restore without feeling guilty.

You don’t have to wait to attend a LBL boot camp to get started. There are basic training techniques you can do now. Here are your marching orders: Since every woman’s body is different, team up with a qualified medical professional to make a plan specific to your body for managing LBL. Before your appointment, start a seven day tracking diary to help get a clear picture of what’s going on. Record every leak, what you were doing when the leak happened, and your fluid intake. Take your diary with you to your appointment. And, don’t leave the appointment without a plan you feel comfortable following. Then, work your plan. Commit to a daily self-care ritual to reduce stress. Practice deep breathing, meditation, walking in nature, or anything that revitalizes you. Set a goal to read every article about LBL on the Poise website before the end of the year. Increasing knowledge lowers fear, and helps you approach LBL with power and ease.

What do you think? Would you sign up for an LBL boot camp?




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