Dealing With Light Bladder Leaks (LBL) When Stuck In Traffic On The Road

Its that moment of dread. Youre on the road, with a full bladder. With each excruciating second of the drive, you pray you wont cough, sneeze or drive over a pot hole. What can you do to calm your nerves (and your bladder) so you reach your destination safely and as leak-free as possible? Here are a few helpful tips:


Like a back-seat-driver, your thoughts can put unnecessary stress on you. Notice the following signs that your mind is interfering with your ability to cope:

The Replay

Your pre-drive words come back to haunt you: Im running lateI dont have to go that badIts only a short drive away. Remorseful thoughts creep in: If only I didnt drink that 16-ounce sodaIf only I got in the exit lane when I had the chance. When your mind replays past regrets, shift your thinking. Turn regrets into future solutions by asking yourself, What will I do next time? This helps put you in a creative problem-solving mindset Next time Ill treat myself to a large coffee at the END of my drive instead of the beginning... Next time I wont pass up an opportunity to use the gas-station or fast-food restaurants restroom.

The Fear Factor

Panic sets in when fear takes over. Put a stop to thoughts like, Ill just die if I dont make it to the restroom, or It will kill me to have someone find out! Embarrassment isnt fatal, but fear and physical discomfort can interfere with safe driving. To calm your nerves ask yourself a question like, Is the thing Im most afraid of happening right now? Soothe yourself with comforting thoughts like, No matter what, everything is going to be okay You can handle this Next week I probably wont even remember this. Take a few deep, slow breaths and youll find it easier to calm down.

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Sometimes outside sources mess with your mind. Storm clouds burst into a streaming downpour. Pot holes bring on a bumpy ride. And the radio starts playing a popular song like, say, Let It Go.You could laugh or you could cry but since both put pressure on your bladder, you may as well find a bit of humor in the situation.


The following ideas may be obvious, but when youre busy or stressed, theyre sometimes overlooked:

  • Use the restroom before you drive. Its a no-brainer, but it doesnt hurt to remind yourself every time.
  • Wear a pad designed to absorb bladder leakage. It offers protection and reassurance just in case.
  • Keep your mind on the road when youre driving, and consider using an app that locates the nearest public bathrooms along your route.

If the urge to go becomes overwhelming and you leak, promise yourself that youll be kind and gentle. Be willing to cut yourself some slack. Treat yourself the way youd treat a friend, and youll become more resilient a role model of grace under pressure for your daughters, and an unstoppable woman who manages LBL and gets on with her life.



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