Don't skip the gym!

My friend Teresa (who is totally hilarious) has been working pretty hard lately to lose weight. But, she told me, there was a side effect that she hadn’t anticipated. “I can’t go running without peeing in my pants,” she laughed. Teresa keeps an exercise diary and, when I told her that I was writing this, she shared part of it with me: “I guess from now on, I’ll wear a long t-shirt when I run just in case,” she wrote. “Getting older SUCKS. I mean really – I’m already killing myself at the gym trying to get these extra pounds off – and now I pee when I run – you gotta be kidding me. You know – not a LOT of pee just a little tinkle, enough to make you paranoid and uncomfortable.”

She didn’t know how many other women have this, or that there are ways to manage it. If, like Teresa (and me!), you have LBL and you know what your triggers are, it makes it a lot easier to plan. Now she wears a pad specifically designed for LBL when she’s going running or working out at the gym. And I bet you didn’t know – she didn’t! – that even though it seems like exercising and drinking lots of water would make things worse, they actually help a lot. Anything that helps your body to function better is going to help keep LBL in check. Just in case you were thinking you could use another excuse to skip the gym.

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