Do an End-of-Day LBL Review

The end-of-day review is a success strategy used by leaders in all lines of work to achieve the highest levels of achievement. It’s also a powerful way to help you get really good at managing light bladder leakage. And it only takes a few minutes to do. It can turn even the worst LBL moment into a learning lesson and leaves you feeling prepared to handle future leaks better and with less stress.

Here’s how it’s done. Every evening, before you go to bed, ask yourself these three questions:

• What went well today?

• What would I do differently next time?

• What do I appreciate about myself?

Here’s why it works: The question, “What went well?” causes your brain to retrace the day and zero in on all your wins. You packed that just-in-case bag with pads and a change of underwear for work – that’s a win. You said “no” to that second cup of coffee – win! You did five minutes of Kegel exercise – another win! When you make a habit of noticing what’s working, you’ll be more likely to apply those same tactics to future situations.

Asking, “What would I do differently?” gives your mind time to rehearse better ways of responding to future challenges. For example: “Next time, I’ll bring a written list of questions about LBL to my doctor appointment, so I don’t forget to ask.” Those mental rehearsals make it easier to stretch yourself past the discomfort of doing something new. It also helps you avoid self-blame, shame, and guilt. Focusing on what you’d do differently is much more useful than asking, “What went wrong today?” That question can make the tiniest leak seem like a huge problem, and practically erases anything you did well to handle it. Instead of rehearsing better ways of handling an LBL moment, you’re left chewing on your troubles.

The third question, “What do I appreciate about myself?” takes your attention off your perceived flaws and focuses on your positive character traits and the things you do to make life better for yourself and others. Traits like kindness, courageousness, and persistence are valuable and easy to take for granted. This simple review also creates a sense of closure to your day so you can relax and get some much needed rest. To form the habit of doing an end-of-day LBL review, you need to start. Why not tonight? And at the end of the year, do a similar end-of-year review. You’ll be amazed at how much it can help you become masterful at managing LBL.

What do you think? As you look over your day, what did you do well? What will you do differently next time? And what do you appreciate about yourself?



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