Using The Total Control Exercise Program For Fitness

Since I’m blogging for Poise, and speaking at the “Chocolate, Sex, and Your Pelvic Floor” November event, the Women’s Health Foundation gifted me with a free DVD. It’s a pelvic pyramid workout called Total Control™. I admire women who LOVE to exercise. I wish I were one of them. When girlfriends invite me to join their 6 a.m. power walks, I tell them, “I’m allergic to exercise.” Yet, I know how important exercise is, so I work it into my life, but it’s not something I’m excited about until AFTER the workout is over.

When I read the list of benefits of the Total Control exercise program I felt a blast of motivation. It offers:

- Increased libido

- Improved bladder control

- Better posture

- A flatter tummy

When the DVD arrived, I enjoyed the introduction and educational sections. Then, I did the first workout, which was about 15 minutes long. The exercises are demonstrated by three women (Judy, Mary, and Missy) each working out at their own level – beginner, intermediate and advanced. This was a huge win for me. I could always keep up with Judy (the beginner) and when I was able to keep up with Mary, or Missy - victory!

Practicing how to activate the pelvic pyramid is a bit tricky at first, though the instructor offers visual imagery that helps a lot. Maybe you’re like me, and have trouble with accountability when it comes to “at home” exercise routines. I was excited to see that the DVD comes with a coaching guide to check off your progress over four weeks. (I like checking off the boxes, it’s tangible proof that I’ve accomplished something!) I just completed week 1. I’ll keep you posted in the comments section as I complete each week.

What about you? Does your fitness routine include pelvic floor exercise? Has it improved LBL? What struggles and triumphs have you experienced? Please share in the comments below.



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