5 Holiday Party Tips for Managing LBL

Here they come those holiday party invitations! Do you jump at the chance of celebrating with family, friends, and coworkers? Or does worry over a party-crashing leak dampen your enthusiasm? If youre anxious about LBL, these tips will help you manage mishaps so you can take part in all the seasons festivities.

Tip 1: Be prepared. Although you may not always need protection, get in the habit of wearing a pad or liner when you attend those social events. And stash some extras in your makeup bag or purse. If you dont leak great! If you do, youre protected.

Tip 2: Go dark. For added reassurance, reach for something dark when selecting your holiday party outfit. Dark colors tend to hide little spills, stains, and unexpected leaks better than light colors. Wear a classic black dress (very chic) or dark-colored pants or skirt. If dark colors dont flatter you, lighten up your look with a stylish top in your favorite color or accessorize with a bright scarf or necklace.

Tip 3: Freshen up. When youre in a packed room with party guests, the last thing you want to worry about is odor. Poise pads and liners help by absorbing odor rather than masking it. For additional freshness, you can also pop a mini-sized perfume in your purse or pocket. Spritz or roll it on whenever you use the restroom. Choose a refreshing fragrance that leaves you feeling feminine and worry-free.

Tip 4: Tend to triggers. Party foods can be problematic, unless you have a plan. While others have an eat, drink and be merry approach, you may have an eat, drink and be leaky reality due to bladder sensitivity to trigger foods. If turning down delicious treats leaves you feeling depressed or deprived, give yourself permission to indulge in one of your favorite trigger foods at the END of the evening. Its easier to make bladder-friendly food choices throughout the night when you know you have a decadent treat coming. And by the end of the evening, that spicy appetizer you set aside may have lost its appeal.

Tip 5: Prep a back-up plan. Party games, dancing, or even a simple laugh, cough or sneeze can put pressure on your bladder. Dont let the fear of leaking turn you into a wallflower. Instead, have a backup plan ready, just in case. Tuck fresh panties in the zippered compartment of your purse, or leave a change of clothes in the truck of your car. You may never need it, but knowing its there frees you up to stay active and engage in all the fun.

What else you can do?

Head to the restroom at the first sign you need to go. The wait outside the ladies room can be quite long, as partygoers tend to spend a bit more time primping and fussing in front of the mirror to look their best. Dont delay until the need to go gets too strong.

LBL doesnt have to stop you from accepting those party invitations. Just say yes, and plan to have a great time. With a little pre-planning, youll be prepared to manage possible LBL moments and get back to enjoying the holiday celebrations.



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