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Staying active on vacation is good for you though it’s not always easy – especially when an unexpected leak interferes with your sight-seeing fun. What can you do to manage LBL so it doesn’t slow you down?  Here are three simple ways to overcome your worries so you can enjoy an active vacation:


#1: The Theme Park Predicament


Long-lines, running after wondering kids and convenient grab-and-go food can wreak havoc on your bladder. Hot dogs, soda and other street foods aren’t always bladder-friendly. Combine that with a “Where’s Waldo?” hunt for the restrooms and managing light bladder leakage becomes even more challenging.


What’s one simple way to overcome the theme park predicament?


Locate the restrooms as soon as you get there and BEFORE you need to use them. While you’re still at home, check out the location’s website or alternately, get a map of the grounds once you get there. This will help you stay calm when you get a strong urge to go. (Or when you need to take advantage of the extra LBL liner or pad you tucked into your purse or backpack!)


#2: The Swimwear Quandary


Swimming is great fun, but wearing a bathing suit can be stressful, especially when you’re worried about unwelcome bladder leaks. Whether you’re at a hotel pool or vacationing by the sea, there are ways to manage leaks so you can feel more confident in a swimsuit.


What’s one simple way to manage the swimwear quandary?


If you have Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) – leaks that come with exertion, or a big cough, laugh or sneeze, try Poise® Impressa® Bladder Supports to help prevent leaks before they happen. You can wear it while swimming, playing volleyball or doing any physical activity. It’s comfortable inside, invisible outside so you can stay active while wearing whatever makes you feel fabulous. Consider it a “swimsuit approved” source of protection.


#3: The Device Dilemma


Technology can help you enjoy your vacation. Phone apps can keep track of where everyone is, capture great photos and let you text friends to meet up for drinks.  The problem is Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms can steal away hours and act as an excuse to skip morning walks along the beach, hikes up the mountain or dancing under the stars. It can be tempting to skip active vacations in favor of a staycation in front of the TV, binge-watching Netflix. Choosing a sedentary lifestyle to avoid leaks backfires though, because inactivity can make LBL worse.


What’s one simple way to use your devices to keep LBL from sabotaging vacation activities?


Download an app that will help you stay active and fit. Choose a pedometer app to set a walking goal and track your steps, a Kegel exercise app to help lessen leaks by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, or a public bathroom locator app to use on road trips.


What about you?

What do you do to manage LBL so you can stay active on vacation? 



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