My husband and I are embarking on a fitness challenge, though he seems to lose weight so much easier than I do, with minimal effort. Why is that?

Life is not fair. Men have more body mass and less body fat than women. Muscles are the real deal to keep the metabolism sharp. While a pound of fat burns 2 to 3 calories per day, a pound of muscle burns double that amount. So at the same exercise intensity and duration, men will burn more calories than women. Also, their resting metabolism is higher. This is because muscles make the most out of your metabolism; they account for up to 70% of your daily calorie usage. But this shouldn’t discourage you from your fitness quest. Just keep up the muscle mass by doing some type of resistance training, two to three times a week. Muscle mass declines anywhere from 3% to 8% each decade once you hit your 30’s, however, it is never too late to build more fat-burning muscle to assist in your weight management.

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