How long after a complete hysterectomy will menopause start? Will it be different than normal menopause?

By "complete hysterectomy" I assume you mean removal of the uterus AND both ovaries. (It is important to clarify with your surgeon exactly what is to be removed as this terminology is not used universally).  If you have both ovaries removed (bilateral oophorectomy is the formal term) and have not yet gone through menopause, you can expect to experience symptoms almost immediately, typically within days of your surgery.  These symptoms are more immediate and often much more severe than a natural menopause as your hormone levels decline much more rapidly in this setting.  So you are more likely to need hormonal treatment to help you adjust after surgical removal of the ovaries compared to someone who goes through menopause naturally.  Before the surgery I encourage you to have a detailed conversation with your surgeon regarding the risks and benefits of removing the ovaries, as well as a detailed plan for managing menopausal symptoms when they arise.

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