Do all women get menopause?

Menopause is an "equal opportunity event". This means that all women who live through and beyond their fifth decade will experience (to some extent) this amazing, life changing transition. How intense the symptoms of menopause play out, is as unique as our individual fingerprint.

Some women will experience hot flashes every ten minutes; others will have one hot flash and wonder what the rest of us are talking about. Whether we experience a "natural menopause" or a surgical menopause (ovaries and uterus are surgically removed), genetics, demographics, environment, lifestyle, attitude and sometimes just plain luck all determine how we experience the menopause transition. However, we do have choices about many aspects of menopause. We can educate ourselves about what to expect and ask lots of questions about aspects we don't understand. Most importantly we can share our experiences with our friends and pass it forward because after all… every woman will experience menopause eventually.

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