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Bladder Control Superpower - Poise®

You have a superpower. It’s not the ability to fly, control the weather, or get your partner to remember to put the toilet seat down – it’s even better. You can use it whenever you’re struggling with self-doubt – like…

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Win the Battle against Bladder Leakage (LBL)

Just when I thought I had LBL  beat, it showed up this morning. I was in my robe enjoying my second cup of coffee when the phone rang. I jumped up and ran to see who was calling so early. Ugh! It was a telemarketer. I felt annoyed being…

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Brooke’s Poise® Moment

Mom, CEO and actress Brooke Burke-Charvet discusses how Poise® helps make life easier.

See what the Impressa Health Advocates have to say about our revolutionary non-absorbent bladder supports.

Questions about Bladder Leaks?

Get informed with our expert articles and answers.