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Discreet Protection, Added Absorbency

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Offering discreet Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) protection to keep you confident, Poise® Ultra Thin Pads stay 3X drier than leading period-only ultra thins.* They feature our absorb-loc® core that locks away wetness and odor, and a dry-touch® layer to help you stay comfortably dry.

Available in:
Regular Length 6.8 in (17.3 cm)
Long 10.3 in (27.7 cm)

absorb-loc® core

absorb-loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor

dry-touch® layer

dry-touch® layer for your comfort

thin-flex® design

thin-flex® design moves with your body

Make the Right Choice

Poise products are specifically designed for LBL. Always period pads aren’t. See what makes Poise different.


Poise® Ultra Thin Pads - Regular 3.8 5 164 164
these pads are great not only are these pads comfortable they are more absorbent then I could possibly imagine---they keep me dry much more then I expected 01/22/15
no wings...disappointing I have been using poise ultra thins with wings for years, they saved my life, it is a fabulous product!! I am so disappointed in the fact that I am down to my last 4 packages of the ultra thins with wings and will have to go with another company that makes ultra thin with wings, if anyone from Poise is reading these I beg you to make them with wings again, and put them in the local stores. That was also a very big problem you had to order on line as they didn't sell them in the local store.... :( 11/13/14
I miss my wings!!! IGNORE THE 3-star rating. It wouldn't let me post until I gave it three stars. NOTHING LIKE not taking REAL feedback!!The regular Ultra Thin pads may be fine for other gals... but I really do need the wings... The regular pads bunch up and cause serious leakage on the sides. Sort of defeats the purpose of having a pad in the first place... This is really embarrassing...PLEASE BRING WINGS BACK!!! 10/30/14
BRING BACK THE WINGS PLEASE! Too many accidents without the wings! The pads bunch up & move around causing accidents. I never had that problem before. It is hard to feel like I have "poise" when I am constantly worried about leakage. Thank you. 10/25/14
Winged pads I love this product but please bring back the Ultra Thins pads with wings. The others bunch up, so your garments are not as protected. 10/13/14
Wonderful and Resfreshing A pleasure to wear and enjoy the soft feeling. Simply wonderful! 11/11/14
Thank goodness for Poise As I do like the product, I too want the wings back.No bunching and no side leakage. Did a man make the decision make this change? 09/26/14
Bring back the WINGS I agree with the last comment. Bring back the WINGS! They were truly the best product you made. What Happened??? 09/25/14
Bring back the wings I'm extremely disappointed to learn that the Ultra Thins with Wings have been discontinued. The pads are not as effective without the wings and not as secure. They tend to bunch up and allow leakage onto under garments. Apparently those powers that made the decision to cut the wings from the line are not using the products. Please bring back the wings. 09/22/14
Happy I had and injury recently and love using these!!!! 09/10/14
Absorbent< but not bulky! Thus product is great. Very thin, but very thin. Doesn't feel bulky while you are being active. 09/06/14
Bring back the wings! After trying several different brands I finally discovered the Poise ultra thin with wings several years ago and became a believer of this product. To say I was upset to learn you discontinued the wings is putting it mildly. I tried the new ultra thins without wings and really dislike them. They bunch up and move around after just a few hours of wear and the edges of my underwear constantly become damp. Please bring the wings back to keep the pad in place and protect my underwear! Until that happens I am going to have to find another brand that has wings or go back to the old period pads with wings and just have to change then more often. Too bad because I loved the original Poise pads with wings so much! 08/19/14
this is the most comfortable, most absorbent pad I have ever worn! as my title of this review states this is the most comfortable, absorbent pad I have ever worn. I use the longs because I also of a problem with bowel incontinence and it is the right size to handle both issues. this pad, even tho thin holds a lot of liquid and I do not have to worry about spillover. 10/01/14
Ultra Thin Pads I recently purchased your Ultra Thin liners. They are anything but thin, in fact I found them to be quite bulky, can you recommend the ones I need?? 09/18/14
Poise Ultra Thin Pads Loved this product it really keeps me dry and and comfortable at work. I work in the cold so it is important to me to have a reliable product. Thanks Poise. 07/30/14
I'll buy it again Comfortable, easy to use, handles the leaks. I'm happy. 07/25/14
So glad I gave these a try. I did not think I would like the new Poise pads but to my surprise I do. They absorb as good as the old ones and fit great. I don't have a problem with bunching and pinching like i did with others. 07/21/14
Good product. I was very unhappy when the Poise Ultra Thin-(thin comfort)were discontinued, but I think the new one is similar so I will give it a try. I think Poise is the best product for incontinence out there. 07/07/14
Great Product This is a great product. It is very comfortable. You forget that you are wearing a pad. It absorbs so that you never have to worry about leakage, There is never any odor. Best product. 07/07/14
the best for absorbency ... more important keeps odor in check 07/04/14
Soooooooo comfy I really love these pads they are so super comfy!!! Not itchy or uncomfortable at all 07/03/14
Best protection ever made I've used several brands over the years and I have to say this is the only pad that has yet to irritate me. I've never once had a problem. Please don't change how this product is made. Love it. 07/02/14
this product is so thin! I love the how thin this product is! Gone are the days of thick bulky pads. I feel confident with these pads.I would like to see a more contoured pad for the female body, like the hour glass shape of thicker pads so there is less side bunching. 07/02/14
Thin regular review I found this product to be very comfortable & very effective! I'm so self conscious about Oder,but with this product I had no worries! I would recommend this product to anyone... 07/01/14
Poise Ultra Thin Pads - regular I compared the thinness with the reg thin pads by Poise and they were the same in thickness. They Absorbed more better though! Thanks 06/29/14
Great Protection These pads were very comfortable, not as bulky. I needed just a small amount of protection. These were perfect. Super Absorbent for "accidents." Very Comfortable. 06/29/14
I love this product! It keeps me smelling fresh and it is as thin as a liner. I recommend this product to all of my friends and family. 06/29/14
WOW What a fantastic product! Perfect for anytime use. I love the fact it doesn't bunch up while being used and being plus-sized, that's a big deal for me. 06/29/14
Great Very thin and comfortable. I like these a lot better then the regular thick liners 06/28/14
Love Poise I love this product. I have been trying to use regular panty liners for my LBL and they just were not working. I move around a lot during the day...I don't just set around...and the regular panty liner would move and sometimes curl up. No problem like that with Poise. Love, love this product. Thanks for making it!! 06/28/14
Poise gives me poise for the day. Great product. Discreet, controls odors, and very absorbent. Using a few different sizes depending on needs at the time, and they are all reliable. 06/28/14
A great product I love Poise pads. I use them every day and use all the different sizes, depending on the day's need. It's the only product of this kind that I use. Thank you Poise! 06/28/14
So glad to have the protection I simply love the Poise ultra thin pads. Regular thickness pads are not nearly as comfortable & I find the thin pads are enough for me. It's amazing how much they can absorb! Recently, I was helping at a camp for kids and on skit night I laughed so hard the tears ran down my legs - so to speak! Or at least they would have if I hadn't had protection in place. I was soooo glad to have Poise!I actually prefer the long version for the added coverage, but my local store stopped carrying them. I was sad for that and might need to buy them online in the future. 06/28/14
Great absorbency I feel comfortable wearing these pads because of leakage. I also wear the moderate pad when on long trips. 06/28/14
Just the greatest I feel so secure when I go out knowing that if I'm caught short I don't need to worry, my Poise will be my protection. 06/28/14
Absolutely Amazing I absolutely love this product. It has been so great at keeping me dry and odor free. I am so amazed at this product and will be buying this one only. 06/28/14
Poise Ultra Thins Regular I use this product from time to time and am very saitfied with the results. They do what I want them to do 06/28/14
poise ultra thin regular poise pads are very comfortable and absorb well - great product ! 06/28/14
This is good! this newest product is one of the best yetyou can feel confident and hardly know you are wearing anything 06/28/14
Work great! They're so small but still have great protection, I haven't got anything bad to say. 06/28/14
Excellent!!! I was very surprised at how comfortable they amazed me at how well they work!!! If you have not gave them a try I defiantly recommend them. 06/27/14
This product is the best!! Poise Ultra Thin Pads are the best product ever.I love how they feel when I'm wearing them and especially how great they absorb.Greaf product and for a great price!! 06/27/14
.Great Product This product was very comfortable. I recommend it wholeheartedly. 06/27/14
Very good product I think these are very comfortable to wear. They are not bulky and stay in place well. They are quite absorbent. I know they have saved me some embarrassing moments on shopping trips several times. I would recommend these. 06/27/14
Well worth the money I would definitely buy these again and again. They are so thin and light. They do what I expected them to do as well as stay in place. So absorbent. I forget I have it on. 06/27/14
Not Happy I have used your products for a long time and am trying to find something I like. I liked the wings on the Poise Ultra Thin pads. I liked the fact that the wings helped the pads stay put and kept them from bunching up. Please bring them back. 06/27/14
Poise® Ultra Thin Pads - Regular Review If you have light to medium bladder leakage I would recommend this product. Quick absorbing and you can barely feel it. Very comfortable and makes you feel secure. 06/27/14
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