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Discreet and 3x drier

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Specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL), Poise® Liners stay 3X drier than leading period-only liners*. The absorb-loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor to help keep you fresh and dry.

Available in:
Regular Length 7.5 in (19.1 cm)
Long 8.5 in (21.6 cm)

absorb-loc® core

absorb-loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor

dry-touch® layer

dry-touch® layer for your comfort

thin-flex® design

thin-flex® design moves with your body

Make the Right Choice

Poise pads & liners are specifically designed for LBL. Always period pads aren’t. See what makes Poise different.


Poise® Liners - Regular 4.5 5 637 637
Amazingly absorbent liner yet feel like you're wearing nothing. I wouldn't even take a free lifetime liner product over these liners. I'm not normally a hard core product follower. If I can get a better deal and don't have to give up too much I will almost always switch products. Poise liners, though, I would not switch ever! They are super absorbent yet feel like you're wearing nothing. Don't know how they do this but once you try this product, you'll never, ever use anything else. 02/25/15
Great product Perfect size and really good absorbency. They became my favorites 02/24/15
Prefer Poise over other brands When I finally decided I'd had enough and was going to buy some sort of panty liner or pad because I was tired of being embarrassed by accidents, I didn't know what to buy. I picked Poise because it was on the shelf and using pads vs. undergarments that looked bulky was a big plus.My husband is all for a cheap buy, so he started asking why I didn't buy the store brand. I did and I didn't like them. They would fall apart and oh what a mess. Then ALWAYS came out with their brand. I did try them because I had a coupon making them a little bit cheaper, but you know what? I think that they should stay to making pads for periods and leave bladder leakage to the pros. Poise is so much better, at least in my book. I am a firm believer in use what makes you feel confident and Poise does that for me. 01/23/15
Please don't ever change! Whenever I try another brand's "new" product I always come back to Poise -- They are the most comfortable and the best! 01/23/15
Poise I would recommend Poise to every women. I never worry about absorbency or odor. They are so comfortable I forget sometimes that I have them on. I will use other pads only to find I miss my Poise. Thanks for the couponChanging the subject, I did not like the commercial with all the people showing their underwear. You can sell products and have good taste at the same time. Word of mouth sells a lot of hot sauce. Research that 01/23/15
They are the best! I have sampled pads from several other suppliers and have always come back to Poise. Most comfortable, most absorbent. Good price. 01/22/15
very comfortable discrete, comfortable, and works very well,and convenient in the time of need ! happy to have tried them !!! thank you 01/22/15
Best brand on the market! I have tried many different brands and Poise liners are the best in absorbency and comfort. I don't have to worry when I am wearing these liners. 01/22/15
best product! this is the best product i have tried...thank you poise so much! 02/26/15
best product I have been forced to wear pads/liners since having my prostate removed several years ago. There is no product on the market that absorbs like Poise. I know, as I've tried them all. 02/24/15
Finally! a liner that works! I tried so many different thin pads & liners, then a friend advised that she used Poise liners, and I saw that it really helped with LBL. (one of the joys of ageing)I tried it and it was so comfortable, and effective.Yes I just sneezed, but I did not have to run to the toilet immediately to change, it could wait till I got home, and I did not feel uncomfortable meanwhile. I now have at least 4 pkgs, stockpiled.Thanks Poise! 02/24/15
The Best Have tried several other brands but this is the one for me. 02/24/15
good excellent product and excellent price. I recommend this product. very good 12/27/14
Love it! This product was great. My P is heavy so I always wear a pad that with a tampon. I barely noticed it was there. I will definitely be getting more! 12/23/14
My sample My sample was thin and comfortable and I didn't even know you're wearing it. But it was too short. 12/23/14
thin but will protect I wear pads during the day during work, but wear liners at home. They both protect me and make me more confident. 01/23/15
Great LBL protection Great product. If you suffer from LBL this most definitely gives you the protection you need. 01/23/15
PACKAGING I use the poise pads and I like them. However, I wish you would change the color of the package for the different pads. When I get to the store I can't remember which pads I bought the month before. 01/22/15
Poise is the best I have used Poise brand for at least 5 years. Absolutely love product. Not so much hourglass design, but regular design. Keeps me dry and comfortable. Tried a sample of Always, NEVER AGAIN. Love my Poise. 01/22/15
Glad I tried these I love that these are thin and comfortable. You don't even know you're wearing one! 11/19/14
Excellent absorption and coverage! I was a little skeptic about these liners. POISE! excellent! great coverage and absorption! Goodbye store brand liners. 11/18/14
Love this product! Love this product! The pads are so thin and yet SO ABSORBENT!! Thank you Poise for making an excellent and needed product! 11/18/14
Good product, good price I get these for my mother in law, she loves them. Since she's on a limited income I help her out with these, they work wonderful and are a good price 11/18/14
Recieved my coupon I received my coupon and purchased the regular Poise liner. They are very comfortable and don't have those annoying "wings". They do a very good job and I feel confident that they will work if and when need be. Thank you for a very good product! 11/18/14
so much comfort, so much protection! I am a mother of two children under 2 and so I need a product that I am not even going to notice I am wearing, but still does it's job to the fullest when it comes to catching light leaks. This is definitely that product. Its so great, I hope all women choose this amazing brand/product! 11/18/14
Great product Great product for light bladder leakage. feels confident and secure. Would definitely recommend. 11/12/14
Great Product Great product for light to moderate bladdder leakage. I would Definatly recomend. Keep me feeling protected agint embarassing leaking. 12/26/14
Wouldn't purchase anything else! Much nicer than anything else on the market. Discreet and comfortable. Really does the job. 12/24/14
Won't leave home without them! im 39 and have both IBS and IC. These help with both! I have the confidence no matter where I am when an episode of either hits that I can make it to a restroom even if a little starts because of SAM! Thank you so much! I've been struggling for years with embarrassment but I won't anymore. I can cough with confidence, do a quick run into a store, have a good ole laugh and not worry about lbl! Thank you! 12/24/14
Good I love the reg. size light absorbancy but can not find them.All I can find is the long. 12/23/14
Thinner is better! Love the new ultra, ultra thin micro pads! Great!! 12/06/14
I tried the new liners yesterday. Great difference in comfort. It is amazing that something so thin will do the job. I tried the new liners yesterday. Great difference in comfort. It is amazing that something so thin will do the job. 10/22/14
The Wow Factor! We have four girls in our family and they along with myself, absolutely love the product. The girls said they felt confident while wearing it in public. This is important for teenagers..... 10/22/14
No worries about leaks These are perfect for me and work wonderful. I don't have to worry about leaks anymore. Thank you. 10/22/14
awesome!! Not the first time that I used poise but it was the first time in a while. They are so very comfortable and absorbant. You cant even feel it when you use it. If you use an other pad or panty liners you are missing out. I have used all sorts of brands at various prices and poise is by far the best brand. 10/21/14
Super observant I love poise liners! Its was my first time using them,I loved how super observant they were. I leak a little more then normal, so they worked great for me. 10/21/14
Poise regular liners I love the Poise regular liners.. I have tried others and they curl up and loose their shape. Poise stay in placeand hold their shape so that is why I always buy Poise! 10/21/14
Longer ones are better I bought these and found urine leaks out the end when wet. I think the longer ones would be better to avoid this problem. They are only an inch longer and worth it. The product is great otherwise. 10/21/14
Like wearing nothing! I love how comfortable and confident I feel using Poise pads. They work and I don't have a concern about leaking. Great product! 10/21/14
Poise Passes I recently tried the samples I'd received in the mail. Prior to this, I had used/purchased Always Discreet liners. I definitely prefer Poise, mainly because of the adhesive strips; they stay in place much better than the Discreet liners did. 10/21/14
Poise is Perfect "Poise is Perfect" for someone like me ... my LBL is caused by medication and I now feel verycomfortable and secure when I am out & about 10/21/14
Breeze through Your Work Days with Poise I had no worries during my busy work days while using Poise. I felt dry and comfortable and confident I need not worry about any leaks. Poise liners are thin so I didn't even remember I was wearing a liner. That's so important because who wants to feel like she's wearing a diaper! Thank you Poise for confident days! 10/21/14
Poise Pads I went from regular panty liners to trying Poise liners and the difference was amazing. Poise took away all odors, were more absorbent and stayed in place and more were comfortable. Alas, I have discovered that I am in need of more coverage and would like to try the Poise pads. I tried to get a sample, but because I had gotten the liner sample, they said I had to wait 6 months. I tried to get coupons but my computer/printer malfunctioned and I could only get one coupon. So after I get the samples I will see which one works best for me and let you know. 10/21/14
the best there is this is an excellent product, I have been using them for over a year because I leak, I would recommend this product and continue using it forever. 10/21/14
Great Liner The poise regular liners are great! I was not sure that such a small and thin liner would work as well as this one.I love that fact that when I'm wearing them I don't feel like I'm wearing a liner. The regular liners work for me and when the time comes that I need more protection I will chose another poise product from the poise line. Thanks 10/21/14
Doggie Diapers ... Yes, we use the pads as liners in doggie diapers! I work with a local dog rescue group. We specialize in rescuing dogs who have been used as breeding stock in the puppy mills. These dogs have never been on grass and therefore are not house trained. The Poise pads are amazing. They fit right inside the doggie diapers that I hand sew. My rescue Min Pin wears a Poise pad in his diaper whenever we leave the house. These pads have been a life saver for my house. Sanitary napkins do not do the trick. They are not made to hold urine. Poise pads are amazing and have helped many dogs to find their forever homes. I do sell my doggie diapers on eBay and recommend all my buyers to purchase the Poise brand pads because they work the best. Thanks so much. 10/21/14
Excellent product! Comfortable, discreet, and absorbent - definitely the best liner on the market. 10/21/14
Poise has it! I love all Poise products. I have used all sizes and lengths. Depending on my needs and activities, I find support in all of them. I like to have several sizes on hand at all times. Way to go, Poise! 10/21/14
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