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Ultimate Comfort and Protection

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Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and protection with Poise® Hourglass® Shape Pads. The unique contoured shape provides an ideal fit, while the comfort-flex® leak shields help reduce side leaks…giving you comfortable, worry-free protection for your Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).

Length 14.4 in (36.5 cm)

absorb-loc® core

absorb-loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor

comfort-flex® Leak Shields

comfort-flex® leak shields help reduce side leaks

contour shape

contour shape for ideal fit and comfort

Make the Right Choice

Poise products are specifically designed for LBL. Always period pads aren’t. See what makes Poise different.


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my pad I fine that the hourglass shape pads-ultimate is the right pad for me.I wear them all the time for what I need them for . PS I love them. 11/11/14
product not as good as previously I have been using your poise hourglass pads for some years and since you have changed the product I do not feel the new product is as good, I was using the ultimate absorbency which had a purple pattern on the inside of the pad now it is blue it is very disappointing it does not absourb as well and have to keep changing. I am using ultimate absorbency #6 but feeling I may have to find another product. 10/12/14
Poise This pad does not protect in any way. It is so wide that it forms a "v" and the edges curl down and causes leakage. I do not know a woman who is over 5" between the legs. 10/09/14
I find the hourglass ultimate leak on me. I am trying the hourglass ultimate and I don't like them as I find that they leak on me quite often, don't offer me much security. Hope you continue to make the ultimate pads as they are great. 09/19/14
Finally, the perfect size.... I have been using Poise pads for years now, but I've had trouble with overflow. The pad was either long enough, but too thin, or was too short. When the hour-glass variety came out, I tried them immediately only to be disappointed that it didn't contain my extreme flows. Last month, I tried them again because I finally found a longer size with the Ultimate absorbency. Thank you so much for finally answering my silent prayers. After taking my water pill in the morning I can finally feel confident there will be no overflows. 08/25/14
Poise Ultimate Pads I find that the Poise Ultimate Hourglass pads are exceptionally comfortable and absorbent. Very discrete when worn. 08/19/14
Thank you Poise Thank you Poise. I feel you have improved on a product that didn't seem could be made better. The newer material feels great and in my opinion, absorption is much better. Have made Poise my exclusive item. 07/04/14
love it Fits great smells good, small leakage amount,. Love its not bulky., Sometime there is too mucg glue and it stays on my panties. Wish there was not as much glue on outer wrapper, makes it hard to reuse to wrap old pad in. 07/03/14
Love the comfort of this pad I Love how SAM feels next to my skin it is soo comfortable on & in my panties when it is time to change it the adhesive amount is just perfect in my books! The adsorption of the pads is great & I am confident that their will be virtually no odors ! Even if I have leaks I am so confident my issues are covered ! I love my poise pads ! 06/28/14
Ultimate pads These are wonderful to wear - very discreet and can be worn with great confidence! 06/28/14
Nighttime Use I have tried other products, these are the best Ya 06/28/14
Comfort and peace of mind Poise is so much better than any other product of it's kind on the market. Believe me, I have tried the others and suffered terribly embarrassing situations as a result. I will never use anything other than Poise again! 06/28/14
Finally!!!! I can say this product is the best ever!!! My skin is very sensitive and these are great. They stay in place that is a big plus!! The poise products are great and I think they are really tailored for women. The quality is top notch in my book.Overall this product is excellent. 06/27/14
My life is my own again! This product is wonderful! The hourglass design fits perfectly and stays in place. The absorbency is more than any other pad I have used. 06/27/14
Saved me from embarrassment many times!! It all seemed to start just after I had radiation for Breast Cancer. At first it was just a slight leaking, and I started using POISE Ultra Thin pads, but it kept getting worse and worse and the doctors didn't know why so they decided I needed surgery and an implant.Even though I have an implant that is supposed to help me control leakage and I am on the newest medication to help dry up my system a bit, nothing has really worked and I still have leakage and sudden urges all the time. I never know when I will suddenly have to race to the bathroom. No matter where I go, I have to have an escape route.If it wasn't for POISE, I would have had a lot of embarrassing moments. I've tried many brands, but POISE is the only brand that is absorbent enough to do the job. 06/27/14
Consern with new product I have been using Poise for a number of years now. I have urgency and sometimes a washroom is not close by. But I recently purchased the ones I have been buying (hour glass shaped ulimate absorbancy) and it was new packaging and new product. They now fall apart when they are wet!! The older ones did not do this. I would like the other ones back please. 06/27/14
Best leakage protection ever!! These hourglass shaped pads are wonderful ! I'm a petite woman and the regular pads bunch up causing leaks. The new hourglass pads don't bunch up or leak. Thank you so much!! 06/27/14
Felt more secure. I think I need to try a different size. Otherwise great 06/27/14
Fantastic Product Fantastic product. It has made a difference in my life. 06/27/14
Poise hourglass shape pads - ultimate Very comfortable and very reliable. Would recommend this product for sure. 06/27/14
side leakage I get side leakage with this product where I didn't with the straight. With the strait pad - had problems with adherence and the cover coming off in the front. Actually changed brands to get the absorption I needed - After 5 years of Poise 06/27/14
Could be better and here's why When you have COPD, you start violently start coughing without notice and if your bladder is a hint full, you ARE going to have a problem. Most bladder issues with women, COME from slightly larger women and I don't necessarily mean overweight but larger below the hips. I invert the hour glass pads and put the back to the front. I have talked with several women who do the same because these pads ARE NOT hour glass shaped and that is exactly what we need. Most leaks are from the center toward the front, so a wider pad with material that absorbs on the slight elasticized sides would be best for the majority of larger built women. Tena makes an overnight pad that has a wide width but it's a squishy pad and doesn't absorb as well but the wider top is perfect. I also like the Tena reusable pouch. It's easier to seal a used pad. 01/23/14
These pads are awesome! I love these pads. They are so comfortable and are a wonderful option instead of adult diapers. They are so easy to purchase and are available almost everywhere. I will continue to buy these pads! 07/25/13
it is better than always It is so comfortable you can't even tell your wearing a pad or it 04/14/13
Not a great replacement for the regular shape Since the package of 33 now comes with a horrible stench and industrial strength glue that ruins undergarments, I decided to try these 27 packs.They are more expensive, they are thinner, and they do not absorb as well as the others, but at least they aren't scented and they don't tear when being removed from undergarments.I wonder if many people have switched to them after the changes to the 33 packs, since they are harder to find in my local stores. I have to stand in front of the shelves of products and try to figure out which are unscented, which might not have the nasty glue, and which might be absorbant enough for my needs. It doesn't help that the "new and [un]improved" are in packaging that is the same color as the ones that I don't want.The "upgrades" and "improvements" to your products have convinced me that your designers/engineers are clueless to the needs of the potential users. 03/30/13
I like this product I like how this product stays dry.I like the cmfort it brings you can't even tell your wearing it 03/07/13
I need a pad that stands up to the challenge and this one is it! Because of an upper-neuron motor disease, I have urinary incontinence due to spasms that are sometimes continuous. Your newest hourglass ultimate pads are the best solution I have found. Thank you for going the extra mile. These make my life so much better.Sincerely,Donna Roy 12/11/12
Where are the wings I need more protection on the sides of my panties. I work in manufacturing and I lift heavy buckets all day. Where it provides protection in the center but not the sides. So I buy pads with wings, I'm finding Im purchasing more pads as I change them often during the day. 10/11/12
Not a good fit While I absolutely love the regular ultimate absorbency pads, I do NOT feel well protected with the hourglass pads. They seem to taper at the wrong place, and if I have more than a light or moderate leak, they just don't protect me. I buy the ultimate absorbency, because, like a lot of post-menopausal women, if I laugh or cough or sneeze, there can be more than a LITTLE leakage. I AM a very short woman, and part of the problem may be the way they fit, altho I've tried to make small "adjustments". I live in a small town, and our shopping options are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and the availability of a wide range of products is not good. There are only three stores in town that stock this kind of product, and they are quite small. Thus there was only one package size available when I was shopping, and now, if I choose to TRY to find the other ultimates that I DO LIKE, I will have wasted 2/3 of a 27-count pkg. This would not be such a big deal if I weren't living on a fixed income. Oh well, live and learn, as they say. 08/07/12
Great shape After using other products, I can never go back to them after using the hour glass shape. They are wonderful and comfortable 07/29/12
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