Life with Impressa

Six real women, one life-changing product. See how Impressa helps stop their leaks and gives them back their confidence.

How Impressa Works

Get the scoop from women who've already started using Impressa Bladder Supports to help say goodbye to their leaks.

Impressa Stories

“I thought leaks were something I was going to have to live with the rest of my life.”


Finding My Size

Check out how easy it is to find your most effective and comfortable fit with the Impressa Sizing Kit.

How Impressa Feels

Watch to learn what you can expect when trying Impressa Bladder Supports - and how it can help put you back in control of your leaks.

Impressa Stories

“I'm back in control. That's something I never thought I would ever have.”


Freedom To Do More

From working out to wearing whatever they want, see how Impressa gives these women more confidence and control.

Andrea's Experience

Andrea - an active mom with three teenage daughters - shares how Impressa Bladder Supports helps her feel free again.

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Women everywhere are discovering how Poise Impressa can help them say goodbye to leaks. Read their reviews—then share your own.