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Good Food, Good Wine, Good Sex… Goodbye!

Spicy foods taste so good, but can aggravate your bladder. A glass of wine can trigger a leak. And for some women sex can bring on LBL But don’t worry. You don’t have to say goodbye to good food, good wine and good sex when managing…

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Do Food Allergies Bother Your Bladder?

Have you ever suspected that food allergies may be causing you to leak? My dear friend Teresa de Grosbois says, “Yes it does!” She’s lactose intolerant and allergic to corn products. We had an intimate conversation about bladder…

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5 Holiday Party Tips for Managing LBL

Here they come – those holiday party invitations! Do you jump at the chance of celebrating with family, friends, and coworkers? Or does worry over a party-crashing leak dampen your enthusiasm? If you’re anxious about LBL, these tips…

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Fend off LBL When You’re Stuck in Traffic

It’s that moment of dread. You’re on the road, with a full bladder. With each excruciating second of the drive, you pray you won’t cough, sneeze… or drive over a pot hole. What can you do to calm your nerves (and your bladder) so you…

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Upset about LBL? Forgive Yourself!

Is it time to forgive someone? Maybe your husband for joking about an embarrassing moment? Or your mom for not telling you she deals with LBL, too?  Perhaps (after a cough, laugh or sneeze) it’s your own body that needs forgiving.  My…

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Looking for Love with LBL

Dating can be so fun, but also very nerve-wracking for women.  You may find yourself worrying, “Does my hair look okay? Did I pick the right outfit? What will I talk about to keep the conversation flowing? The last thing you should have…

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